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Why Reface?
Often the quality cabinets that exist in some of todays vintage homes are far more sturdy and of better quality than a lot of the cabinets on the market today. By keeping the solid frames of the old cabinets, the Ideal solution is to resurface the existing frames with 1/4 inch wood to match the new doors of your choice. The end result is a high quality kitchen that saves you 50% over the cost of new.

How does Ideal Kitchens Reface Cabinets?
Our expert installers remove your present doors and drawer fronts from your existing cabinets.  They then cover all of the outside exposed framework with 1/4" wood of the same grain you have chosen for your new doors.   Once they have completed "facing" the framework they then hang the new doors.  The result is cabinets that look like new!

What type of product does ideal offer?
Ideal Kitchens Home Improvement, Inc. offers the finest quality of solid wood doors, drawer fronts and moldings.  Wood comes in solid oak, maple, cherry, ash, etc.  Also all types of formica doors , European raised, etc.

We feature 100's of colors and styles from a variety of manufacturers.  We have 100's of options from wood type, style, color and finish.  Click on the website below to view all the sytles we offer:


Does Ideal offer Countertops?

Yes, Ideal offers all designs of formica with hundreds of colors to choose from. We also offer Corian, Swanstone, Wilson Art solid surfaces, Granite, Silestone, Hi-Macs, and Technistone.  For more information, click here

How long does it take and is there much mess and inconvenience with refacing?
Very little mess is involved with refacing because the average installation is usually completed in 5 to 8 days by Idea's expert installers.

If more information or if you are ready to get started, please contact us at 413-532-2253 or CT 860-246-4545 or fill out a free estimate request form on the left of this page. 

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